Oh the portrait photos. You wouldn’t believe what percentage of our couples say:


It’s definitely top of the list of worries for their wedding day and if you’re here, I can guess that it’s high on yours too.

The idea of posing for your wedding photos brings up a few thoughts; you don’t know how to pose, you feel awkward in front of the camera, you don’t want it to look cheesy and you don’t want it taking up a lot of your time.

First thing’s first.
We really strive to keep your day about you and your guests as much as possible. Like, really. I know if it was our day, we wouldn’t want to be away from our guests for 2 hours of the day, missing all time that could be better spent with those we love the most. It’s important to spend as much time with your loved ones on the day you’ve built towards. And the drinks. We’d want a drink too. And maybe some food. 

For most of the day, we’re just floating around snapping here and there and just let it all happen. We intend on allowing you to enjoy your day as naturally as possible. We love documentary photography. Love it. We love real life-real moments. It’s what makes your photos come to life rather than posing multiple elements of the day. That’s not what photography is to us.

What we also LOVE is to capture EMOTION & CONNECTION. It’s a big element of what we do; the pre-ceremomy nerves, the mid vow tears, the genuine joy as you walk down the aisle, the hugs with your best friend, the laughs during speeches and the fun you’re having as the party kicks in. It’s all part and parcel of the day. You’re only going to do this one. Just embrace the shit out of it!





These are the naturally beautiful moments we capture during your day. The gorgeous, intimate, real photos full of emotion. So why would we take emotion away from your wedding portraits? If your first thought of getting in front of the camera is to run a mile, I wouldn’t blame you. I am USELESS when it comes to posing for anyone else.  This is what I looked like when Chris took photos of me at a recent wedding.

Not great really are they? Haha. This has become standard for me and how I got the nickname ‘Bertface’. 

But here’s what happened when a lovely fellow photographer, Rob Dight, asked us if we would pose for him as part of a workshop he was teaching.
Now, normally, if asked to ‘pose’ for photos, I’d panic and pull either one or all of the above faces but when Rob asked us, I must have felt like I looked ok that day or had some confidence deep down somewhere that made me say ‘YES’. I was, after all, only helping out a pal. It wasn’t like we had booked a photographer to do a couple’s shoot so there wouldn’t really be any pressure.

I was damn wrong. 

The afternoon came and I was BRICKING IT. So much so that I was filled with anxiety, ended up arguing with Chris to the point that we barely spoke on the way to meet up with Rob in Derry. Like, there was proper drama. Great start for a lovey dovey couples’ shoot. Haha.

We have a few selfies together as most couples do but not that many. I hate seeing myself in the front facing camera on my phone. The go-to shot for us is normally passing a mirror or shop window and that’s generally only if we’re away on holiday for a couple of days!

Neither of us are all that used to being in front of the camera; I’m normally behind it and apart from the odd promo shoot Chris has to do for his music, he’s not all that into the idea either.

I think when it comes to ‘posing’, you automatically think of having to play up to the camera; trying to look your naturally, effortlessly beautiful self but also worrying about how this or that looks or feeling stiff and awkward or worse, cheesy!

So with nerves shot, we went into the shoot blind. We hadn’t really chatted much with Rob about it beforehand other than where and when to show up. A few awkward minutes out of the way at the start led to a really bloody lovely time! I never thought I would feel so comfortable in front of the camera and a big part of that was Rob putting us at ease. For the purpose of the workshop, we spent just under two hours with Rob, much longer than you will spend with me but we thoroughly enjoyed it! I don’t know about Chris but I was worried about the cheesy element and having to stand in public like two big gacks.

I can tell you now from experience, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.


What we ended up with was a really nice couple of hours together, properly together. Even if we did have a photographer there too. We don’t get to spend a lot of free time together during the week and if we do, there are normal, every day distractions that play their part in taking our focus away from each other. We were given a chance to just shut up, shut the world out and pay attention to each other. Right up in each other’s grills. 



When it comes to your wedding day portraits, I aim to keep the session as short as possible. We’ll find a couple of nice spots either in the grounds of your venue or on the way. Unless you have a location in mind that means something to you, we’ll use what we have around us with the main focus being nice lighting but most importantly, you! Yes, an epic background is a bonus but this time together is to allow you both those moments after your vows to just have a minute and take it all in.

What I find time and time again is couples telling me how nice it was to be able to take that wee break away from everyone, even for just a short while. You’ll find it’s probably the only part of your day that you get some time to yourselves. (With me in tow but sure you can ignore me for the most part.)

You’ll feel awkward at first. You’ll ask me what I want you both to do and you’ll feel a wee bit nervous but before you know it, you’ll slip right into it, focus on each other and just end up spending some time cuddling, chatting, laughing and having a bit of craic.

You’ll cringe, be worried that you look silly but what you’ll be left with are some gorgeous, natural photos of you both together. As natural as being told where to stand can be! 


“Awe these are class!! Those ones we were cringing in are actually lovely. You were right!  Thank u so much for your work and company last week you just blended in and made it so easy. They are so gorgeous thank u so much! Xxx “ AOIBHEANN & CONOR


We’re back to this again. This is what we want as the basis of our photos throughout your day. Yes, we’re shooting documentary style for the most part but we’re looking for those emotional moments, the moments that will happen throughout your day with your other half, your family and friends. We want to carry that on through to your wedding portraits.

All we really need is 20-30 minutes, just the two of you and a couple of nice spots for a few photos.

I will give you some slight direction; tell you where to stand, to go in for a hug etc and what happens in between are the moments I’m going to capture that really bring out the emotion between the two of you.


bride and groom in embrace at the Old Mill in Slane

After all, you love each other right? This is what your day is all about.  After those initial nerves of getting in front of the camera fade away, I can PROMISE you you will LOVE spending this time together having your photo taken.

I know we did. I couldn’t have been more nervous going into our shoot with Rob but I’m so glad I didn’t back out. We now have these super gorgeous photos of the two of us. Some of them are on my ‘bad’ side, some of them I have double chins from laughing and there are maybe a few more wrinkles  than I would like but they really mean something to me. They remind of the lovely time we spent together, getting in close and hugging it out, sharing a kiss, looking gooey eyed into each others’ bakes and what made for a really lovely feeling for the rest of the day we spent together that comes back to me every time I look at our photos.

I JUST this week got around to getting some printed out and I am in love with them.

So suck it up.  Get into it. Literally every couple we have worked with had the same hang-ups as you do right now and sure look at how gorgeous they all look in their photos. You’re no different. Don’t worry about feeling like a robot or worrying if your hair looks it’s best or if the way you’re standing is a bit on the cheese side. Just relax, let me give you a wee bit of guidance and the rest will come naturally. Promise.