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Bride and Groom Confetti photo in Belfast Northern Ireland
Alternative wedding photographers Northern Ireland
Alternative wedding photographers Northern Ireland
Belfast couple just married. Bride is wearing a dress by Archive 12 in Belfast
Holly and Lime Photography- Beech Hill Hotel Wedding Derry
cool couple in Forest near Belfast Northern Ireland
Quirky Vintage Wedding Photographers in Derry, Belfast, Donegal, Northern Ireland
Modern couple posing with vintage flowers near Belfast Northern Ireland
Bride and Groom pose near the Bishop's Gate Hotel in Derry
Married couple kissing under taxidermy in the Beech Hill Hotel in Derry

*wedding photography for creative, modern and alternative couples. 

“I have no idea where this will lead us but I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange.”





You’re a laid back couple who want to keep it simple. You (ideally) want to have a wedding that’s a little bit different but overall, you just want to marry your best friend and celebrate your day with your loved ones.

You want amazing but relaxed photos to show how it all went down though you’re not overly comfortable having your photo taken and frankly, a little worried about the photo bit. You’ve heard horror stories of photographers taking over the day, creating umpteen cheesy poses and maybe you’ve even been part of a bridal party who had to endure it in the past.

You’re certain that’s not for you. 

You want a photographer who can mix in with your guests, document all the love, all the craic, all the bits you might have missed but also take a few shots of you both without any fuss or faff, allowing you to enjoy your day with your nearest and dearest.

Sound about right? Happy days.



 We’re Lisa and Chris.

A couple of old romantics hailing from Derry in Northern Ireland.

 Twin Peaks aficionados. Obessed with mid-century vintage furniture. Self-proclaimed movie buffs. Fans of Roxy Music. Lovers of salt ‘n’ chilli chips.  

 We like to do things a little differently. We’re looking for couples who do things differently too. We reckon it’s pretty important you get to know your wedding photographers before spending a full day with them. A least a little bit! When you book in, we’ll hook up before the day and get a chat over a beer or coffee. Or a Skype session. Whichever is easiest! First though, you should probably get to know us a bit more.


The One with the Pricing.


Our Full Day Package is £1450.
This includes: 

  • Approx 10 hours photography time. 
  • Pre wedding chat about your day. 
  • Approx 500 lovingly edited, downloadable hi-res images in a personal online gallery to share with family and friends.
  • Mini 8″ x 8″ album.We’re totally invested in all our couples so we only take on a minimum number of weddings each year. This means availailty is limited so do check in with your date if you’d like us to shoot your day to see if we’re free!

Prices apply to wedding photography in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Destination and overseas weddings require a bespoke quote so just email us your details and we can get chatting about your day!

We also offer half day packages for shorter weddings and bespoke quotes for everything else; overseas weddings, very short weddings, add ons like albums and enagagement photoshoots!



Let’s hook up. 

We love couples who can really see us capturing their day. We’d love to know what draws you to our work. So let’s get a beer or a brew and chat about your day!

We figure our style is a bit alternative.
We love couples who want something a little bit different too. Mainly, we just love couples in love; looking to create something awesome!

We’re based in Derry, Northern Ireland so we do most of our meetings here. If you’re further away, we can always do a wee Skype session. I know, I know. They’re weird and your face gets frozen in weird expressions but it’s really handy to chat face to face. Sort of. Which is quite important we think. We’re going to be spending your day with you after all so it’s a great way to feel a little more at ease about having photographers following you around all day. We’re discreet though. Promise. No diva photographers here. It’s your day. We totally get that.

Hopefully you’ve had a good scroll through the blog and you like what you see, so drop us a message below. Tell us all the craic! We’d love to hear all about you and your plans!

When you get in touch, we’ll send you a brochure with all the info you need about how we work.


Looking forward to meeting you!

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