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When it comes to wedding photography, you’d be forgiven for just wanting to go with digital images. At the beginning. But once you get your gallery, you’re going to want to see those babies in print. As beautiful as they are on screen, they’re given a whole new lease of life when the wedding album arrives in the post. There’s nothing quite like seeing the photos of your day in a stunning, professional album that will last your lifetime and then some. It’s all about the ‘Golden Years’.

golden years

Do you remember when you were younger, looking through your parents or grandparents wedding album? Even just normal family photo albums. I loved looking through albums of photos and memories from over the years. My Nanny in Dublin has a massive wooden chest of photographs that I was looking through recently. I only discovered it when I was leaving to come back home to Derry. It’s kind of exciting knowing there are many more for me to get a look through on my next trip down; photos of my dad I haven’t seen before and ones from when I was a baby.  

It’s not something we tend to do much these days. Facebook and Instagram have had a huge part in taking away that warm fuzzy feeling we get from slipping through a real life photo album in our hands.


When I’m old and grey (and I’m already halfway there) I’m not going to be logging into Facebook to look at the photos that mean the most to me. I want them in a gorgeous album on a bookshelf that I can take out from time to time; reliving those important moments throughout out life together on a beautifully made photo book.

When asked the question “What would you save from a burning house?”, it’s no surprise the most common answer includes photo albums.

Are you willing to risk losing your wedding photographs? Having the most important ones printed in your photo album gives you peace of mind that you’ll never lose them. And after investing so much money in your wedding photography, it makes sense but they don’t go ignored on a USB. Long after we’re finished with Facebook, where are your photos going to be displayed? 

invest in an album

We don’t want to give you the hard sell but we truly believe that your wedding photos should be displayed in the most beautiful way possible. 

It’s so, so important to have your photographs printed. We backup your photos for 5 years. Your online gallery is live for one year and you’ll have a USB. But what happens if that USB doesn’t work in a few years time? What if have you haven’t back your photos up too? I’ve had couples come to me in a panic telling me they’ve lost their USB. Luckily, I had their photos safe and sound but there’s only so many hard drives we can keep in the house and after just a few short years photographing weddings, we’re already on our 10th hard drive.

We put so much value on having albums made and printout out your photos. We like to start you off by including a few wee prints in your USB box but there’s like having a full album in print. 




All the beauty of fine art print enclosed in a book. ArtBooks are made from single sheets printed on large format printers then carefully folded and bound by hand. The 12 colour pigment ink together with the superior quality paper create a fully archival, museum-grade product. 

Your artbook will come with handmade linen presentation box, pouch, cotton gloves and care instructions.


Our best-selling ‘Damn Fine’ artbook is made from exquisite cotton matte finish paper. All art books come with a beautiful presentation box and pouch. You will have the option to upgrade your box to the same colour as your album. 

The artbook is a favourite of ours (and our couples!) giving a high quality fine art finish. The fine, slightly textured surface and feel of this 100% archival acid free paper is ideal for printing both deep black and white and colour photographs as well as art reproductions with impressive pictorial depth. Cotton rag is rated not to fade in 100+ years and do not have any optical brighteners. All artbooks are lay-flat products.

The stunning matte cotton paper finish give no shine.

We have a range of cover finishes in different colour for you to choose from; from natural linen to genuine leather and premium silk.

You can choose to have your names printed on your album cover with embossing, printing or laser etching depending on the cover finish you have chosen.



Cherry Pie books are printed on a best traditional lab photo paper (Fuji DPII) which is known for it’s beautiful surface, great color depth, durability and scratch resistance. Cherry Pie pages lay completely flat with almost unvisible gutter lines fopr seamless images across pages. 

Photo Paper FINISH…

The ‘Cherry Pie’ book is a gorgeous photo-finish album available in a lustre paper finish. This paper has a pearly shine to it, unlike the matte finish Damn Fine album.

With a beautiful dynamic range, it’s a gorgeous album. The Cherry Pie books are modern, lay-flat flushmount albums printed on Fuji DPII photographic paper.

The Cherry Pie is our ‘standard’ album choice which also comes in a wide range of cover albums as with the Damn Fine art album. 


PLEASE NOTE: Genuine leather cover is not available in this album.


If you’d like to add on some special mini-albums for your parents or other family members, our parent albums come in the form of two smaller duplicate albums, bother measuring 6″x6″. You can choose to upgrade to having a box for your parent albums. 

If you want something a bit bigger, we’ll give you 30% off when buying another main album as a gift to someone.  

Parent albums come at a discount price so must be ordered at the same time as your main album. Parent albums only available in bundles of two. 

making your album

Making your album couldn’t be easier.

We understand how overwhelming it can be trying to choose your wedding album photos from such a large selection in your gallery. After the wedding has been and gone, you’ll want to relax. You’ve already spent such a long time planning every detail of your day, that we feel it’s only fair we give you a bit of help when it comes to designing your wedding album. Rather than overwhelming you with having to choose photos from your large gallery, we get you started by redesigning your album with some gorgeous images from the day as well as the photos we feel will be most important to you. We will send you a mock-up of your album then all you have to do is follow these three simple steps:



Sit down and have a look through your layout. If you’d like to make any changes, we can add images, do image swaps or add pages. This will all be done through your online gallery. There will be an album proofing section where you can leave comments on specific pages you may want some changes made to. If there are any images we haven’t included, you can make a favourites list in your online gallery and we can add them in from there. 


Once you’re happy with your layout, next it’s time to choose your cover and paper options. We have a wide range of stunning cover finishes for both the Damn Fine and Cherry Pie albums. Choose whether you would like to have your names on the front of your album either through embossing, laser etching or overprinting. Our premium silk covers cannot be embossed so laser etching or overprinting are your options for this cover choice.


Once your album is ordered, it will take a couple of weeks to arrive.

Price of the album includes:

  • The entire design process
  • A beautiful matching box
  • A linen pouch  to keep your album
  • Shipping

    Once your album arrives, sit back and relax (maybe with a gin or beer) and take the time to explore it’s beautiful contents. 



We will make a mockup album of approx 25 spreads (50 pages) to give you the best coverage of your day. You can choose to add or remove spreads as you please during the reviewing process. All albums must have a 15 spread minimum. 

final touches

Choose your album: 

  • 12″ x 12″ IN SIZE
  • 10″ x 10″ IN SIZE

Choose your cover: 


Only available in ‘Damn Fine’ art album



Only available in ‘Damn Fine’ art album




additional options

We offer a few personalisation options that to finish off your wedding album. You can see the range of possibilities and get inspired to make your album special!

Please note that some personalisations are not available in all cover types. 

You can leave your album cover blank or choose to upgrade and have your names on the front. You can choose between: 


A special foil is bonded with the linen. Similar to embossing but it doesn’t dent the cover and is flat.

Colours: Gold, silver, white, black.

Please note: Overprint not available on Genuine Leather or Velvet albums. 
Black and white options not available on natural linens. 


Great and simple way to personalise the cover.Embossing is the process of stamping a brass type into the fabric at great pressure and temperature leaving the letters permanently impressed into the surface of the cover. 

We have one modern sans-serif font called ‘Futura’.

It’s 1cm in height for capital letters. 23 characters max per 1 line.
Embossing looks great on leather! 

Natural linens can’t be embossed because the result is barely visible.

Colors: Plain, Gold, White 

Embossing is not available on Genuine leather colours stone and hazelnut.
Velvet albums only available in clear. 
Not available on record lines, premium pastels or silks. 




Great and simple way to personalise the cover.

UV Ink will allow any type of font or logo to be printed on your cover. You can choose white or any CMYK Colour.

Works for most types of cover fabric.

Colors: Any colour. Custom designs priced at £75. Standard names on front at no extra charge. 

Please note: Not available in on velvet or premium silk albums. 




wedding album prices

If you’d like to buy a second main album, perhaps as a special gift for a parent, you will get the second album with 30% off.


*Upgrade box to same colour as album £25 
**Upgrade parent albums to main album cover and presentation £50
***Upgrade parent albums to come with presentation box £40

time to order

Once you’ve placed your order, you can fill in the form below. Once we’ve received your order, we’ll get started on making your album mockup.
Once it’s ready, it will be delivered through your online gallery. From here, you can review the album and leave comments, if any, on pages or images you might wish to change. You can let us know if you’d like to add any images and make a favourites list in your gallery of the photos you wish to add.

Once your layout is good to go, we’ll get the order through to the album company. It will take 4-6 weeks for your arrive album to arrive, something to keep in mind if you’re ordering your album before Christmas or your anniversary.

Let’s get started!

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