*modern. non-traditional. creative.

Ok so here’s the craic.

We hate staged wedding photography. Hate it.

Forget what you have thought wedding photography should look like up to this point. You’ve been to weddings before. You were probably part of a bridal party before. You might have been taken off for 2 hours, standing shivering your a*** off when everybody else was at the venue having a drink. None of that crap here.

Every wedding day generally has some traditional elements to it; getting ready, the dress reveal, being walked up the aisle, the ceremony, portraits, family portraits, speeches, cutting your cake, the first dance. That doesn’t mean that every wedding should look the same.

There are parts of the day of course that are somewhat staged. You’re going to want some family photos. Of course you are. When else do you get the whole family together, all suited and booted. We’re more than happy to photograph you altogether and more importantly, we encourage it even. But the rest of the day? None of the staged s*** will be happening with us. We are massive fans of documentary photography. When I first started taking photos it was because I was inspired by amazing photographers such as William Eggleston and Martin Parr and many of the greats like Bresson, etc etc etc. They all had a unique take on documentary photography and capturing ‘the decisive’ moments.  What I knew of wedding photography back then was the old-fashioned, traditional stuff that you were probably used to seeing in photo albums belonging to your parents or grandparents. They are absolutely beautiful in their own right of course but in this day and age, there is no reason that your wedding day should be so regimented. Who wants their day taken up by a photographer asking you to recreate shots and pose and stand here and there, do this and do that and “can you do that one more time” throughout the day.

What we want when we photograph your wedding is for you to forget that we’re there. A little hard to do sometimes when there’s at least one of us following you about with a camera but we want our couples to be carefree, to throw themselves into the wedding day and just enjoy it. It’s yours, not ours. We have no preconceived ideas about how your day should look. Which is something we love about every single wedding. No one day should look like the last. 

We don’t want to hand you a polished, perfect, fake view of your day. We want the grittiness, the raw emotion and all the craic that happens on a wedding day. You’ve probably heard before that wedding photography is all about telling a story. And it is. It is your story. Not just of the day itself but the story of you as a couple, your family and friends and the story and connection that you have with them. Your wedding album shouldn’t be filled with posed shots of just the two of you but real-life shots of everything that went down in it’s own beautifully unique way.

There are certain elements of the day that we do like to pose. Just a bit. But that pretty much starts and ends with the portraits. We are massive fans of a great portrait. We like to get a bit creative with them. If you’ll allow us. We love a bit of connection in wedding portrait sure, though we also want something a bit more interesting too. When I started getting serious about photography, my two favourite things to photograph was documentary photography and people; in their environment and in a creative, portrait set up. There’s nothing that I loved more than great light and a blue wall. It was my go to for portraits. With a background in music, I enjoyed the more experimental side of portraits. I loved a bit of blur, grain, and bold colours. I didn’t want forced smiles but rather, something interesting. Something with a bit of depth.

You can find more of my music/ portraiture over on Wrapped in Plastic Photography by clicking the button below. 

Of course, we want to get some photos of you both together where are you’re having a wee moment, hugging it out or having a smooch but if I see some good light and blue wall, you’ll be guaranteed that I’ll be getting you to stand in it.


If you’re looking for a photographer who will pose you in the perfect position during all the elements of your day, then we are not for you. We’re going to give you flattering photos but we also want REAL photos. A real, raw documentation of what actually happened on your wedding day. Your wedding photos shouldn’t look like everyone else’s. That would be boring as f***. They need to be unique to you. And we want to make sure  that happens. Let your hair down, have the craic with everyone, cry if you want to (it’s your party after all). Just know that we will be photographing it all. And it will be super beaut.

“we love you at your most real”

If we wanted a somewhat easier work life, we’d work the old-fashioned way. We could bang out the same set-up shots at each wedding and go home.  Setting up photographs is not our thing. Not for the most part that is. Yeah we’ll get a photograph of you getting into your dress, if that’s what’s happening at the time. And it’ll be a lovely moment and you’ll look like an absolute babe. But wouldn’t you also like a photo of your bridesmaid downing champagne from a bottle cos she can’t find a glass? Yeah. You defs would. That’s the kinda s*** you want to remember. 

We love the real moments with every wedding and all that comes with it; moments with your kids, the tears and boogers during your vows, the double-chin-belly laughing with your mates, stumbling over your lines during the speeches, the initial awkward bit during the portraits, the drunken dancing when the nerves have all but disappeared.

Reportage/ documentary/ natural photography is a relatively new way of photographing weddings. Our aim with documentary wedding photography is to tell a narrative; your wedding day ‘story’. Our aim is to keep it true to how it actually happened. Not cut out all the bits that you might have forgotten. This is the craic for most of the day; we follow you about, lurk in the background and shoot everything as it happens. You’ll spend a good bit of the day with us , be with us for a few portraits. We’ll have a chat and a laugh but we also want to take a bit of a step back and let you get on with your day. We’re not there to take over.



We goddamn love a beautiful portrait so it goes without saying there is SOME direction involved to get those gorgeous photos of you both. But those little moments in between is the sweet-spot where we get photographs of you giggling, hugging, looking so damn cute and awkward because someone is taking a photo of a private moment with you both.

 We’re looking for something colourful, moody, abstract etc to get our creative juices flowing. They have a more editorial feel. You’re not always looking directly at the camera with a ‘kill me now’ face but rather, we give you a wee bit of direction to get that perfect mix of creatively posed shots with some super beaut natural moments captured in between.




Pinterest boards

Don’t even think about it. Haha! Your wedding is not going to look like a California wedding with a really expensive wedding planner and a massive budget. Having preconceived ideas about what your photos will look like will just set you up for a fall. If you have ideas about where you would like to do your portraits,  that’s totally grand! We can defs do that. But don’t get any mad notions about how your day should look. It’s going to be perfect as it is and we will show it off in it’s unique glory.

wedding reception styling by Betty Williamson

Jumping in the air photos

We will literally never ask you to do this. It’s naff. It is not something you do on a day-to-day so why in the world would you incorporate this into your wedding day. It’s something you might have seen before and thought that you need to do but honestly will probably tell you the wise up, unless you can guarantee that you’re doing it ironically. Haha! That’s literally the only way we will ever take jumping in there photos.


Recreating moments

If something emotional has happened or something funny and we just weren’t there in time to photograph it, we’re not going to ask you to redo it. If your other half send you a card in the morning and you take a private minute to yourself to read it off camera, we’re not going to ask you to reread it just for the sake of a photo. That’s not how it happened on the day. 

Same with doing up your wedding dress or someone fixing your tie. We know you have seen these shots before but unless they’re happening right in front of our eyes at the time, we don’t need to have these shots. It’s not real.

With all that said, please don’t feel that we will hate you if you ask for a posed photo with your friends or family. It’s your day and of course we are there to photograph it for you. If you’ve a pal you want a photo with, ask us for one! We just don’t want to spend the whole day doing posed shots when you could be off enjoying everything you have worked awards for the last year. Posed photos take up so much time and we think it would be an absolute waste of your time and effort, if you didn’t get to enjoy it.



A really long list of what you want photographed on the day

As with the Pinterest boards, don’t do it. We’re going to photograph it all anyway. If you’re all about the details, they we’re not for you. If there are details in your reception rooms and the tables are dressed all beautiful and filled with candles etc we’re going to photograph that anyway. We photograph your wedding day and all the amazing parts of it, as and when it happens. If you’re being walked up the aisle, we’ll photograph it. If you’re cutting your cake, we’ll photograph it. If your mum is doing up your dress, we’ll photograph it but we don’t need a big long list of things you want photographed on the day. That’s not what we do. If you take a look through our blog, you will more than likely see all those kinds of shots anyway. So don’t be stressing. An exception to this, is if there is something small that we may not been aware of. For example, if you have a photo of your granny hidden in your bouquet, let us know about it. That kind of thing is really important and we would hate to miss something important to you. Everything else? Just let it happen.


A Fake cutting of the cake

Again. What would be the point. Chances are, you have hired us to be with you for the full day so we will get a photograph of you actually cutting your cake after dinner. With traditional wedding photography in the past, photographers tended to do a fake cutting of the cake because they didn’t stay after dinner. They probably didn’t even stay for the speeches. This is why you will generally see photographs of people standing pretending to cut their cake.

If you have only booked us to be with you until dinner starts, then by all means we will happily take a photo of you with your cake if that’s what you would like to do but when we get to your venue, we will be photographing you having the craic with everyone, not setting up a fake shot of you standing beside your cake.

We won’t be hanging your veil from a tree

We love a good veil. We might in corporate your vail into some sort of creative shot when photographing your portraits but otherwise, it just looks silly and unnatural and we don’t need to be at that jazz.