On the hunt for alternative wedding venues in Ireland? We have JUST the thing for you.

Yesterday was a scorcher of a day so we took it upon ourselves to make the most of it and take a break away from wedding editing. (All work and no play makes Lisa and Chris a couple of hermits).

Not classing ourselves the eagerest of beach bunnies, we opted for a visit to the hilltop ramshackle Dunree Fort in Donegal instead. Always makes for a nice jaunt on a pleasant day. Once a Royal Navy position, it now lies somewhat abandoned in beautiful decay. And if you’re a fan of abandoned buildings, which I am, it’s a treat for an alternative day out.

The site now hosts a military museum and café where you can grab an ice cream as you dander and read up on the history, if you so fancy. Half tumbled chimneys and corroded metal prefabs lie where the army base used to be. Although gutted out, you can wander in and out of the some of the buildings. Watch your footing though. Plenty of missing floorboards to be found. The beautiful greens and rust coloured roofs poke out of the overgrowth making it’s way through the camp, resulting in a stunning combination of nature and rural abandonment.

Moving up through the camp; the views of Lough Swilly and Dunree Bay are just stunning. This place would make for amazingly unique wedding venue; indoor or outdoor.  And you actually hire it to do just that, as it turns out. The museum at the base of the camp can be turned into a wedding venue to hold your ceremony and reception or if you so wish, have your ceremony overlooking the sea. Proper unique. You don’t get views like this anywhere else. Can’t wait to shoot our first wedding here!