How to Make the Most of your Bridal Prep Photos.

bride wearing a pink nightgown, having her hair done on her wedding day ; how to make the most of your bridal prep photos


Bridal prep has always been one of our favourite parts of the day to photograph; everyone is excited and looking forward to to the wedding day beginning. We’ve put together a guide on how to get the best from your bridal prep photos. We love bridal prep and groom prep too! It gives us everyone time to get comfortable having their photo taken. Although we like to photograph in a documentary style, there are a few things that can help you get the best out of your bridal prep photos. Don’t think of these bridal prep tips as a strict set of rules but rather, a guide. You will most likely want some bridal prep photos in your album so by keeping in mind a few of the tips below, you can help make the most of your photos. 


Bridal prep room:

blonde bride holding up wedding veil- how to make the most of your bridal prep photos


Although not always possible, try choosing the biggest room you can for everyone to get ready in. It gives everyone a bit of space and will make them feel more comfortable getting ready. Having the extra bit of space will give us room to take a step back and capture the goings on of the morning. If you have the option, choose the nicest room you can. The nicer the room, the better your photos will turn out. We’re not striving for perfection here but if it’s important to you, then have a think about where you choose to get ready.


alternative bride in a black wedding dress, tying her Doc Marten Boots in moody light - how to make the most of your bridal prep photos




Keep everything together:

To help make your morning run a bit smoother, find a nice room where you can hang up your outfits, keep all the jewellery together and shoes. If you are taking some make-up with you, keep this beside your accessories. It will help ensure that you’re not rushing and panicking before you get in the car.

wedding dress hanging on window during bridal prep - how to make the most of your bridal prep photos

We don’t get too caught up in the details, we’re more about all the craic happening with everyone. If you want a shot of your outfit hanging up, let us know. It will probably already be hanging somewhere anyway. If the room is too dark or doesn’t suit, we might ask you to help move it to a better location.


We are with you for approximately the last hour of bridal prep. If you’re still having your hair and make-up done at this stage, we will photograph this taking place. The best light for having your hair and makeup done, is by a window with lovely, natural light; it’s more flattering on your skin in and will make for better prep photos overall. Your makeup artist will most likely sit you by a window. If they don’t, suggest this to them. You will get a better idea of how your make-up is looking too.


black and white photo of bride fixing her hair on the morning of her wedding - how to make the most of your bridal prep photos


Sometimes you can turn the big light on without really needing to. If it doesn’t need to be on, we’ll most likely ask if you mind us turning it off. A mixture of light doesn’t always work great in photos. If the room is quite dark and your make-up or hairdresser needs the light on, that’s completely fine. We might ask if we can turn it off for a few minute to get photos in better light. They can put it back on if they need to.


Lighting will vary in different sized rooms with different sized windows so your bridal prep photos can look cool and moody or bright and beautiful depending on the room.


What should you wear for bridal prep photos?

Wear whatever you want! Some people opt for matching bridal party pyjamas or dressing gowns, some people just wear their normal clothes. If you’ve stayed the night in your bridal prep location, chances are you’ll be in pyjamas. Wear something you’re comfortable in but I guess if we really had to suggest anything, it would be something clean. Haha! That goes without saying but if you’ve spilled egg yolk on yourself at breakfast, maybe think about changing. We won’t be able to photoshop out stains etc on every image.


bride laughing as she puts on makeup before her wedding; how to make the most of your bridal prep photos


If you’re wearing socks, especially in warm weather, take these off an hour before you’re due to leave or you might end up with marks. Same goes for things like hair bobbles on your wrist.



We don’t care about a bit of mess; it’s inevitable on a busy wedding morning. If it’s going to effect your photos, then have a bit of a tidy away before we arrive. You could give this job to one of your bridal party so if things start to get a bit messy, then can have a quick tidy away. Things to look out for would be the likes of underwear or the plastic protective covers for your dress. Everything else is fine.


Sometimes we hear “Try not to get the clutter in!” but we more than likely can’t avoid it. If something is in the way a bit, we’ll most likely move it. We’re not all about perfection though so you won’t find us rearranging your room. It’s all part of what happened on your day so don’t sweat it. If you care about it in your bridal prep photos, just get rid of those items from the room.




Turn off phones and TV:

Most of us can be found with our heads buries in our phones for a good portion of the day. When it comes to bridal prep, your bridal party should be having the craic with you you rather than browsing Instagram the whole time. We don’t have a ‘no phone rule’ but it might be worth thinking of ways for everyone to just have the craic and chat instead of looking down at their phone. Of course, there are going to be parts of the morning where there’s a bit of waiting around until everyone has their makeup etc done though it can become difficult get those fun, candid moments everyone one is distracted.


I don’t want to hear you tell everyone ‘the photographer said no phones!’. Haha! That’s not what I’m saying but it’s something to consider. It’s bound to happen at some point and of course, everyone will want a photo or two but ideally, your bridal party should be more present and having the craic.


For the same reasons that a phone can be distracting, a big TV screen will only force people to stare blankly at it. It’s fine to be on for a bit but maybe consider turning it off an hour before you go. If the guys are playing a game for a while or the kids have it on to keep them pre- occupied, that’s totally fine. Otherwise, it could spoil your photos a little bit if it’s just on for the sake of being on. A blank screen is going to be infinitely preferable to Corrie in the background.


A must on the morning of your wedding, is a great playlist to get everyone in the mood for the day ahead. There’s nothing worse than sitting in a quiet room, bored, waiting for everyone to finish having their hair and make-up done. Music is essential to creating a good mood. Consider making a Spotify playlist in advance to help keep everyone excited.


remember to eat something:

The excitement may get the better of you on your wedding day. You might not feel all that hungry but remember, it is going to be a good few hours before you next have the chance to eat. Even if it’s just a sausage bap, make sure there’s time to grab a bite. The best time will probably be before you’re having your make-up done. Obvs. Don’t forget to brush your teeth before having your lipstick applied.

food to eat during bridal prep - how to make the most of your bridal prep photos

Yummy Wedding Day Brunch by Derry caterer ‘Born in Burleigh’.  


It could be a good idea to order in food if there’s no time to cook. Maybe have ready-to-eat foods available like fruit, sandwiches and yoghurt etc. It’s not a good idea to skip breakfast especially if you are having Prosecco before the ceremony. If your reception is a long drive from the ceremony, pack some snacks for the trip.


bridesmaids pouring champagne into friends mouth as they get ready for the wedding at the Millhouse in Slane - how to make the most of your bridal prep photos

This shot of Colleen from Fiona and Greg’s Millhouse Wedding is one of our favourite bridal prep photos ever!





Your wedding flowers may still be in water to keep them fresh. Remember to remove them from the water and dry them off about 45 minutes before you leave. Designate someone else to do this for you. You won’t have time to do it yourself.

super colourful wedding flowers by The Rosehip and Berry Stunning Wedding Flowers by The Rosehip and Berry



Time keeping:

You’ve probably heard it said before but your wedding day will fly in. Bridal prep is no exception. One minute you will be having breakfast and the next there will be a rush to get dressed. We will be on hand to give you a little nudge if we think time is ticking on. If you want to be on time for the ceremony, then we recommend getting ready about 45 minutes before you intend on leaving.
groom waiting on late bride

We will be leaving no less than 10 minutes before you so if you want to have taken in your wedding dress, allow time for this to happen. We need to be on time for the ceremony so if you would like the photos of you getting into your dress or outfit, bear this in mind. Allow an extra 10 minutes on top of when you were hoping to start getting dressed, especially if you need help from your bridal party.


Who gets dressed first:

You will most likely want someone to help you get ready or be there when you’re getting ready. It’s exciting to have someone with you when you’re getting into your dress so with this in mind, make sure your bridal party are good to go at least 10 minutes before you. If they’re not ready yet, it can cause delays for you getting ready which will in turn make you later than planned.


mother of the bride helping her get into her dress during bridal prep


Someone may lose a shoe or their earrings; a regular part of any wedding morning though it can cause delays. Having everyone dressed will make for better photos. Sometimes, people don’t want to be photographed in their pyjamas so if you’re doing a dress reveal, make sure everyone else is dressed. We won’t be able to avoid getting them in the photographs. There’s nothing worse than us feeling like we can’t take photos you want because one of your bridal party is self-conscious about hw they look. This is best remedied by just telling them to go change!



dark and moody photo of bride in her Archive 12 wedding dress



Relax and Have fun!

With all that said, your wedding morning should be a time that you enjoy with your friends and family. Don’t get too hung up on the details. A good rule of thumb is just prepare a little bit the day before, leaving the morning for you to enjoy. Relax, throw some music on, have a drink and have the craic. It will set the tone for the rest of the day.This is a demo recommendation. To create your own, press the green button above.

hairdresser putting hairspray on bride during bridal prep



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