I’m so happy to be finally sharing Scott and Elaine’s gorgeous 1920’s style Beech Hill Hotel Wedding in Derry.¬† Shot back in April, it’s taken me a long time to get round to blogging it!

I like to meet with my clients to get to know them a little first. Of course, they have to get to know me too to make sure I’m a good fit for them. Sometimes it’s not always possible to meet up before the wedding when couples are living away so I like to at least keep in touch via email or social media. I met with Elaine and her sister Orla last year as Scott was working in America at the time. We had a hot beverage and a chat and I knew right away she was someone I could see myself really enjoying working with. Elaine asked me to be her photographer and I was thrilled. I did get to meet Scott however a short while before the¬†wedding and had a lovely time accompanying them on a round of golf for a pre wedding shoot.

The entire day was a dream. From Elaine’s absolutely stunning 1920’s style wedding dress, the fabulous weather, to the dance offs and the beautiful tribute to Elaine’s sister, Bronagh. I can’t ask for more when I have the privilege of being part of a day like theirs.

So thank you Elaine and Scott. Thank you for reminding me why I do this for a living. I’ve really enjoyed our time together and I’m eternally grateful you picked me to be part of your day.